Pinterest Pin Scheduling for dummies: Boardbooster vs Tailwind Tribes



This is a lengthy but exhaustive post about Pin Scheduling apps Board Booster and Tailwinds that I’ve put together from all that I have learned about them. If you, like me were confused by them and what they offer and trying to decide between the two, then this post is for you!

I call this blog post "Pinterest Pin Scheduling for Dummies" because I would qualify as a "Dummie" in this instance. I was clueless about Pinterest when I first started my business and I also was overwhelmed by what it would take to become somewhat influential on the platform. At first I thought it was just a place to pin things I have tried or like and I didn't really understand the power of the platform. I began creating pins for my products by just pinning their images and then eventually creating custom pin images for my products that performed better on Pinterest.

Before I move on, I do want to say that almost all that I learned initially about Pinterest was through a course I enrolled in called Brilliant Pinners

and it slowly but surely opened up my eyes to the potential there was to be had on Pinterest as it’s a platform that moms love to use and moms are my market. Whereas originally most of my traffic came from Facebook, Pinterest quickly overtook that and is the number one source of traffic generation to my website. Instagram also does bring some traffic - interestingly enough, Instagrammers spend the most time on my site and Pinners come but bounce quickly. But lots of pinners come. I think it might be because Pinners work so fast and they move from pin to pin quickly. Even though much fewer come to my site from Instagram, when they come, they stay longer probably because most of them don't come to my link but when they do they are highly motivated by something, maybe curiousity. Facebookers are right in the middle of the other two platforms.

Well, the process to learning the ropes of Pinterest first entailed taking this course and learning how it was all done. It was quite overwhelming but the course helped to hold my hand along the way. I would just watch or listen to a video any time that I could and then try to put into place what the video demonstrates. What I also loved was there was a FB group where I could ask dumb questions (hence ‘for dummies’) and they had monthly office hours where things not covered were talked about OR you could ask questions they would answer in office hours. I know many moms active on Pinterest don’t take a course or might take a different course and they learn it from either other FB groups or trial and error. Now that I’m looking back, I really don’t know if I could learn it this way, but having taken the course, I’ve been able to learn A LOT more on my own now that I understand how it all works and just like any other course out there, there are things not covered that you just learn by doing or by asking others in your same predicament. I have a network of mom bloggers I am now a part of and it’s been great because they feel my pain and I feel theirs and we learn from one another. Back to Pinterest.

 At first when I began Pinterest, apart from promoting my pins, I didn't really know how to generate the volume of pins I needed to have and so learning the cadence to blogging and creating pins that would get people to click was the first hurdle to get past.

After a while I began to create boards for various topics that would fit well with my products and with my customers. After a while i became hip to how Pinterest works and I began to pin a lot of content that it suggested to me for my boards but I liked to pin in bursts and at random times that did not coincide with the most lucrative times of day to pin. I also struggled a lot with finding the time to be on Pinterest because I was solely engaged in Instagram for the first 6 months of my business which was its own beast and was very time consuming. It was midway through the Pinterest course that I learned about pinning services to help you schedule your pins for the best times of the day to get engagement.

Introducing Board booster and Tailwind. For future reference, if you see in all caps BBPRO! That means that this is a pro of using BB. If you see BBCON:(, it’s a con of using BB. The same for TWPRO! for Tailwind Pro and TWCON:( if it’s a con of Tailwind.

 At the end of this post are links to both apps and if you do choose to subscribe to either of them, using my link will give both you and I some love from both services.

I originally tried both of them because the course showed a lot of how Board Booster could work and some also for Tailwind but a lot of bloggers were talking about Tailwind. I was such a newbie that Tailwind was just a lot to figure out(TWCON:( and I just couldn't wrap my brain around how it worked - it is so extensive and it runs on its own website and IPhone app that it can be a steep learning curve. It’s also hard to learn a new app TWCON:( and that can be a barrier to someone using it. I found at first that Board Booster was more intuitive because it allows you to schedule pins within Pinterest BBPRO! rather than in a website or app. It works by scheduling pins that you pick to post at intervals that you choose from a secret board that you pin to from within Pinterest. As an example when I click the pin icon, I can save it to a secret board that Board Booster will use to schedule pins to Pinterest.

 The worst part of it is setting it up first but once it is set up, it is fairly easy to use and is very ‘set it and forget it’ BBPro!. Board Booster works by pinning pins that you have dropped in secret boards that have the same name as your public boards but with a dash in front of the name. It will take pins from that secret board and repin them to whatever board you tell it to pin to. As I pinned,  I began creating more and more boards which meant more and more secret boards and it became sort of unwieldy because Pinterest doesn't have an easy way to search for boards or find them on mobile when you pin, it is just alphabetical scroll BBCon:(. I would be scrolling for minutes to find the right secret board to pin to that eventually I would just pin to the easiest board to find first, which was less than ideal. Here you can see what is coming up is all secret boards so sometimes you pin to the wrong board or it’s to hard to find the secret board vs the public one. If you select the wrong board by mistake, you can not undo it, you have to visit that board and delete the pin to undo it BBCon:(. To recap, to use BB I would create secret boards and pin to those and then let Board Booster pin those pins on those boards to public boards at set times of the day. Here you can see the scheduler in depth:

Once I got my pins scheduling going, I delved into group boards which took me even longer to understand and to grasp. It took me months before i was willing to study what group boards help you to do and how to get into these secretive boards. I got onto several group boards in my niche and scheduled pins to go onto those group boards as well. You can also create a secret board as a landing point for pins that you schedule out to different group boards – this is called a campaign (BBPro!). So for example, you are part of a group board that allows one pin per day, you can send all of your recipe pins to that secret board and then schedule it to pin to a group recipe board every day or whatever interval that you choose OR you can have pins from one of your boards schedule to a group board or several group boards that you select. One caveat with this is that you need to have enough pins to schedule out to different things and it takes time to accumulate those pins. The scheduler is a great way to post content on your boards regularly to group boards so it’s also a great ‘set it and forget it’ feature BBPro!.


 I soon learned about Board Booster's other features BBPro! - one is where you can direct it to source high performing pins with search terms for your boards that you can have it automatically pin to your boards or you can manually accept them to various boards that you have. It is hidden in the Scheduler feature.

 You can set it to source popular pins from popular boards and have it pin to your boards automatically or to hold the pins for your approval. You can also have it search for popular pins that have done well and pin those or hold them for approval. I did this to populate some new boards I had created like one called "Cardigans".  This was a useful feature BBPro!. 

Board booster also allows you to loop pins BBPro! in a board which I scheduled it to do but when I first started this, I didn't realize that this was for boards with A LOT of pins. I had gone a bit overboard with it, having it loop for everything and I ended up paying more per month because I was pinning and repinning a lot. I eventually stopped this and only do it for one or two boards that have a lot of pins. It is a good way to get a pin of yours back to the top of the board. The thing that I like about Board Booster is that it seems very intuitive to use and I don't have to think too hard about scheduling times BBPro!. Like any other social media, the adult thing to do is figure out when your followers are on social so that you can be active on it - same with Pinterest, you want to pin at times when they are pinning as well. Board booster allows you to set windows of time to pin and a rate of pinning, like 1 or 2 per day from different pin lists or boards. It's very customizable. I liked all of these features. It also has features where you can migrate pins from one board to another and it will clean up repeat pins for you. It also has a group board manager feature which I have not looked into yet but it seems like a very powerful tool BBPro!. It has a few tiers of subscriptions and as I said, I had gone from the low tier to a much higher more expensive one quickly and I was probably pinning and repinning unnecessarily. I would also recommend that you save your pin scheduling for pins that you care about. So if you are pinning a friends content just to help them out, there may not be a need for you to schedule that one, you can just pin it directly to the board that you want. I also like that BB has an expansive list of group boards that you can investigate or join which is a great way to get started on the quest to be popular on Pinterest. If TW or BB are listening, what a great feature it would be if they automated the method of joining group boards so that you don’t have to follow the board and the owner and send them an email. That would be tremendously helpful.

In spite of how comfortable I was with Board Booster, I did tire of the trouble I was having with pinning. I also got involved in sharing pins of other bloggers and this led me to want to be involved in Tailwind Tribes. It seemed that a lot of pinners were using Tailwind and I had tried it before, was intimidated by it TWCon:( and gave up, but then I kept hearing about these tribes and a lot of pinners were in them. I was ready for the next step of helping others engage with each others' content by being in tribes. Thus began the journey of using Tailwind.

 What Tailwind does is have an add-on in your browser where you can click on a pin and schedule it to be pinned to one or many boards or board lists of your choosing. When you schedule it, it goes onto the next available time slot you have selected. It is very easy to pin a pin to several boards at a time and is a huge timesaver TWPro!.  Tailwind requires you to create pin times for your pins so you have to choose the times and the amount of slots you will need. It does have some analytical tools to help you determine when are good times to schedule and it even suggests times that are good TWPro!. As a novice, it was originally more than I could understand and I also liked to pin with my mobile device; Tailwind for Android doesn't really exist so I couldn't pin on the go anymore which was not good TWCon:(. They do have a workaround where you can send a pin to an email and it will go into your drafts but it doesn’t have a way for you to indicate what board you want to pin to TWCon:(. I would love if the tailwind add on worked on my pinterest mobile app. It also has a bit of a loading delay to use the plug-in TWCon:( which is why I recommend if you are pinning like 20-30 pins to be scheduled, that you should only focus on the pins where you really want people to see that you have pinned it when they are active. The above are all the cons of using Tailwind. However it also has a lot of great analytics as well as Tribes which you can get into by invite and they are thematically based similar to group boards TWPro!.  

You can also use the Tailwind plugin to pin to tribes.  Within each tribe they post the rules and you have to pin pins from that tribe either at a 1 to 1 ratio or 2 to 1 ratio to your own pins you have contributed.


This allows you to show your pins to other pinners who might see yours and schedule your pins to their boards. The other great thing is that Tribes can be used even if you don’t have a paid subscription of Tailwind. You just need to login to the Tailwind page and in Tribes, there is a pinterest icon where you can see the original pin and pin it within Pinterest vs schedule it in Tailwind. Here is where you would do that. Click 'see on pinterest' and just pin as you normally would - I guess if you did so, possibly the tribe leader would not know you shared the pin? I'm not sure if Tribes keeps track of this.

 tailwind tribe

This is how you add content to your tribes.


Currently, Tribes are free but a little birdy in a FB group told me that they might start charging. I'm already a bit upset that they don't include Instagram as part of the fee because their instagram hashtag feature seems like something I would like to try.

Tribes plus group boards as well as other pinning collaborations can help you get some pins to take off without having to pay to promote them. Just like Instagram or FB, doing all the above takes a lot of time and you might like me prefer to be horizontal and catching up on some zzzs but social media never rests and if you are serious about getting some traction on Pinterest, it may help you to join Tribes. Now that I have used Tribes, I suggest that at the start, you don't dump all your pins into tribes because they show up in the tribe all together and will cause people to just scroll right by. It would be better to slowly introduce them to tribes for an increased chance of them being seen and thus pinned. Otherwise you will find yourself dumping your pins, none being pinned by others, and spending tons of time pinning other peoples pins to your boards. I also like that Tailwind tells you if you have already saved that pin to that tribe TWPro!.


Tailwind also has a great feature called Board Lists where you can group your boards and give them a title and you can schedule pins to all the boards in a Board List.


It also has really good free (mostly) education and courses you can take to learn more about Pinterest marketing (TWPro!).


Both services have many more features available which I have not covered but now that I have gone through the above, I can tell you that I was really reluctant to even have a scheduler at all because it’s more money I don’t want to spend. I’d already promoted pins and paid for Pinterest courses. But once I got a pin scheduler I saw my repins go up and I saw sales on my Shopify store. I really wanted to only pay for one scheduler but now that I know well what each service does and how to use them, I will keep using both. I like how Tailwind initially schedules a new pin I’ve created to boards and tribes of my choosing and I like how extensive its analytics are. I haven’t mentioned that it also suggests edits and improvements personalized to you TWPro!. I love all of these features and I also love Tribes. But I also love Board Booster because I can automate it to be pinning my existing pins to so many group boards and I can also use it to source new high performing pins for my boards so it’s a great way to get a board up with a lot of good pins quickly. I would choose Tailwind for more in the moment pinning activities and for new pins and then I would choose Board Booster for the automated tasks that can loop my pins, source new pins, pin from one board ton another, and more!


Convinced? Check out the link to sign up for Board Booster here!

And the link to sign up for a free month of Tailwind is here

Here :

Here is the link to sign up for Brilliant Pinners

Thanks so much for reading and Happy Pinning!

8 comments is till now the best tool I have found for managing my Pinterest and the webpage with respect to the schedule and the content. The amazing thing about it is that it is evolving and learning and this is possible due to the sophisticated artificial intelligence that it uses. It analyses the pins, images, the content and the way I set the schedules for the whole week and then it works automatically following the pattern and even saving the account from being banned as it imitates the human-speed…now that is simply amazing.

Sarah -

Thank you so much for putting this together! I’ve beee. Totally slacking on Pinterest lately and have been contemplating trying one of these services but feel so overwhelmed with where to start. Saving for reference!

Amber Battishill -

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