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Watermelon Cool Whip Smash Cake for 1 year old Birthday Party

  My third child had his first birthday some time ago and I’m just getting to post about it….#life I have never done a smash cake before and have always tried to keep the kids from sugar for as long as possible especially as they establish their eating habits. I found that when my 2nd got into preschool, she had Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, and that was enough for her to get a deeply rooted sweet tooth. So I thought we would do a smash cake with watermelon instead of cake. This was mostly borrowed from the cakes I’ve seen for people who are on very restrictive diets who can not eat refined sugar or carbs. I have got to say,...

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Valentine's Cupids hearts fruit plate with Jello

Hello my little friend, In the spirit of Valentine's day or Valentimes as my kids call it, I'm sharing with you the school treat we made for the Valentine's Day party. Tasked with making a fruit plate but that would compete with plenty of sweets and other treats, we decided to get some assorted fruit and make something fun for the kids combined with good ol' Jell-O.  Having failed at Jello many times in the past, I was resolved to get it right and I've had a stash of Jello sitting in the cupboard just for the occasion. If you plan like myself to make Jello Jigglers as they call them, do not make the mistake of just making Jello...

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