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Watermelon Cool Whip Smash Cake for 1 year old Birthday Party

  My third child had his first birthday some time ago and I’m just getting to post about it….#life I have never done a smash cake before and have always tried to keep the kids from sugar for as long as possible especially as they establish their eating habits. I found that when my 2nd got into preschool, she had Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, and that was enough for her to get a deeply rooted sweet tooth. So I thought we would do a smash cake with watermelon instead of cake. This was mostly borrowed from the cakes I’ve seen for people who are on very restrictive diets who can not eat refined sugar or carbs. I have got to say,...

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DIY School Organization Chair with free downloadable plan

So, this just happened....I put all of everything that is important to me on the back burner and busted out not one but three chairs for my daughter...and her brother and sister. How did this come about? This will give a little insight into the way my brain works....when something comes to me that just really gets all of my receptors firing, I just...have...to....do...it.

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I never thought I would be that mom

First of all, a funny little note: my girls are of course Moana crazy these days and the other day, my 6 year old goes "Mom... I wish...." and I quickly finished her sandwich, i.e. sentence (lol, tell me if you got that reference) I said "that you could be the perfect daughter?" She rolled her eyes at me. Anyways, back to my blog post - there was a distinct time at swimming class two weeks ago when I realized I had become the epitome of "that mom" that I had always looked down on. You know, the ones who seemed so annoyed by their child talking to them, their lack of care for those around them, and the way...

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Grandma is gone - my experience losing my mother before I was done having children

There has been a lot of joy in my life in the past few years and almost two years ago, my mother passed away of stomach cancer. She had been sick for several years and she had already been through breast cancer as well so she was already a survivor! My mother had me at the age of 40 which at the time was quite unusual, even though it isn't by today's standards.  As I hold my newborn and stare into his eyes, I wonder how she would have treated him had she had the opportunity to meet him. I would surmise she would have been in love and elated. Every time my sister or I had a child, she...

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I'm officially in love for the 4th time

Hello, been off having a baby and am amazed at how much can change in a span of a week. From ambling along with a too big belly ready to pop to popping out said baby to being at home with this new addition,  and seeing and experiencing my body transition from pregnant to healing and concurrently nourishing this baby has been so eye opening. It is so crazy to think how this body went from one extreme to the other and how much has been packed into one week! I have to thank modern medicine for making it possible as I've learned I'm not one for pain and I needed much medical intervention to get through this pregnancy and...

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