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Grandma is gone - my experience losing my mother before I was done having children

There has been a lot of joy in my life in the past few years and almost two years ago, my mother passed away of stomach cancer. She had been sick for several years and she had already been through breast cancer as well so she was already a survivor! My mother had me at the age of 40 which at the time was quite unusual, even though it isn't by today's standards.  As I hold my newborn and stare into his eyes, I wonder how she would have treated him had she had the opportunity to meet him. I would surmise she would have been in love and elated. Every time my sister or I had a child, she...

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Cosleeping with multiple children

Cosleeping with more than one child definitely becomes a 2 bears in the bed and the little one says "i'm crowded, roll over" type of situation. I'm a self proclaimed attachment parent, not in all aspects but definitely in cosleeping. I just find that sleeping with your children is a way to literally hang on to every ounce of their being such amazing sweet things. When I can't relish every cute thing they say, like my 3 yo saying 'pinching' instead of punching, I like to hold them as they sleep. I love seeing their restful faces at peace.  Not to say that I don't need my space or that hubs does either. But, I guess we picked our battles...

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Boys vs girls

I've been told that my 3rd baby is a boy. It's a new foreign thing to me. I have 2 girls and I'm so used to girls now, but one thing that has been interesting to say the least is a MUCH more enthusiastic reaction to having a boy I've experienced. I have never experienced this before. People are super stoked it's a boy - people throwing their arms up in the air, clapping their hands, exclaiming! This was not my experience with my 2nd girl at all neither my first. I never got any negative feedback on having a 2nd girl - possibly a few 'are you going to try for a boy next?' a few too many times....

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