Summer Tank Cardimom® Open Weave Sweater – Skatesational Back to the top
Animation of Cardimom
Summer Tank Cardimom® Open Weave Sweater
Vest or cardigan mode Dusty Rose
Vest or cardigan mode Taupe
Sleeveless poncho in Dusty Rose
Back carrying babywearing sweater
Back view, concealed neck hole
Open back hole can be concealed or left open for more air flow and for babywearing
Sleeveless poncho in Taupe, opaque bandeau for nursing privacy

Now a Cardimom® for balmy weather! Perfect for summer. This sweater is sleeveless, has a waffle weave that allows light penetration and yet has just enough privacy for you to not feel exposed if you are nursing your baby. It is also just awesome as a light weight layer for anyone to wear! It is a great cover up for the beach, works as an amazing car seat canopy, light layer for your workout outfit, and it feels like a great light breathable blanket for baby. This is a great item to have for days out with your child where you can get both a canopy cover to protect against the sun and a quick and easy cover if you need to nurse. Baby will love having this little cocoon to nurse in and yet will love the soft glow of colored light that comes through. This can be worn as both a cardigan or vest and as a poncho. It is slightly longer and narrower than other cardimom styles to allow you to use it as a swimsuit coverup. And it can be worn for babywearing as well, especially by utilizing the neckhole for baby when you back carry. The neckhole can be concealed or worn down to create an open-back effect. Care instructions: wash in a mesh bag to prevent snagging or hand wash, hang or lay flat to dry.

Summer Tank Cardimom® Open Weave Sweater

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