Kids and a hotel stay

Kids and a hotel stay

Even though your home is probably nicer than the small confines of a hotel, there is something exciting for kids who get to spend a night or two at a hotel, no matter the level of luxury.

Here are some things we suggest you bring to make it a little more convenient and fun

1. ALWAYS BRING THE SWIMSUITS. I know you’re at home thinking – we’re not in a swimming mood. We won’t bring them. Then you get there and you pass the glistening pool and think…oh darn, we didn’t bring the suits! This will always happen. Just don’t forget the mantra: ALWAYS BRING THE SUITS!!!!


2. Bring a folding stool. Do you want to spend every 30 min lifting kid up to wash hands or other tasks? The stool fits flat into your luggage.

folding stool

3. Snacks snacks snacks. At the hotel, there is likely one restaurant with limited food options and there’s room service and not much else. And kids never want to eat when its time to eat. Make life a little easier by bringing enough snacks to possibly be a meal replacement in a pinch. Try to mix it up between the standard fare (goldfish) and something special (insert a treat that will light up their eyes).

goldfish crackers

4. An electrical strip. Face it we are plugged in almost all the time. The first thing you will do when you get to the hotel is figure out where your phone charger is. Bring a strip – plug in your phone, your kids tablet, your laptop, etc etc. It will make it so much easier to keep everything charged up and ready to go.

electrical strip

5. Toys – you might be gone for a day or a few days and there will be down time. Bring a small bag of enough things to keep your kids busy. Some books, some coloring books, some toys – curating the toy selection can be challenging. Make sure you have some copies in there so you aren’t refereeing between the kids and what they get to play with.

minions toy

And that folks will fit into one carry on...hope you're not flying! tongue emoticon

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