Collection: Cardimom<sup>®</sup> Convertible Sweater - the staple for any wardrobe

The Cardimom®, the convertible cardigan to poncho sweater you need today! For fashion, for flexibility, and for moms, expecting or nursing. Don't buy special clothes for maternity or nursing - Cardimom® has you covered and it's 100% cotton! Available in a wide range of prices, colors, and styles! Cardimom® saves you from needing to buy multiple items because it is so versatile! 

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It works as both a poncho and a cardigan with a flip of the front and the shrug collar replaces your need for a scarf that can get easily lost. The shrug collar can also be pulled over your head as a hood if you're stuck in some sprinkles or you need to cover your head.

Dressing casual or professional:

Can be worn with jeans, a dress, or leggings, with a belt, off the shoulder, as a cardigan, with an open or closed back! 

Casual style Cardimom®

Heading to the gym:

The soft cotton layer is breathable and a nice light layer over your tank top or teeshirt. the open back showcases your cute yoga top, the poncho is great for meditation after your workout. Machine washable so you don't have to worry about sweating in it.

Yoga coverup Cardimom®


The first top that can be worn before you even say the word pregnant and can go with you through all the stages until you are nursing. The poncho has a full front allowing you to use it for a nursing cover.  The sleeves allow you to have coverage on the side and in the front and back - unlike a nursing blanket or cover, it is part of your wardrobe, you don't throw it down in disgust after wearing it, and you have it on you so you don't have to worry about forgetting it or fishing it out of your bag. If you don't like covering up while nursing, don't worry! This soft cotton carries your scent - you can use it to cover baby when holding them, to wear it over your baby carrier in the front (as poncho or cardigan) or back (as a cardigan) and it can be used as a stroller canopy or carrier canopy. With so many ways to use it, you won't be disappointed by adding this to your arsenal.

Dressed up maternity style Cardimom®Casual style maternity Cardimom®

Nursing sweater Cardimom®




Babywearing sweater






Less is definitely more and you get more out of this one top than you will out of any other garment in your closet. This is how you can save closet space and $$! With the 100% cotton and for the wide range of prices offered, there is no reason to hesitate! Get your Cardimom today!  Compare the price to something you would get at a department store and what you will find is all polyester. This natural cotton sweater is a great value for anyone looking to make more out of their wardrobe!

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14-in-1 uses!

  • Cardigan
  • Poncho
  • Nursing Cover
  • Yoga Coverup
  • Maternity Cardigan
  • Maternity Poncho
  • Babywearing Cardigan
  • Infant Car Seat Canopy
  • Stroller Canopy
  • Hooded Sweater
  • Baby Carrier Blanket and Lovey
  • Grocery Shopping Cart Seat Cover
  • Highchair Cover
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Putting on the Cardimom®


 A few notes on putting on the Cardimom®:

The easiest way to tell front from back is by locating the woven label on the back of the neck. This, like all other shirts goes behind your neck. Another way to tell which is the front is by locating what we call the "Linea Negra"- that is the seam down the front of the Cardimom®. This front panel of the Cardimom® is constructed of two wide pieces in order to give you full coverage for nursing. The Linea Negra is an easy way for you to remember that it should go down your belly just like your very own linea negra you may have developed during your pregnancy :P If you are wearing the Cardimom® backwards, you will notice that the tag is in front and the side seams will be much higher on your sides as well as the front will turn out longer than the back. We know this is all obvious but, hey when you have mom brain, you sometimes throw clothes on backwards and inside out - we've all done it :) Note - the Jersey Knit styles do not have the seamed front because of how they are constructed.

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