Crafting your dreams and possibly nightmares too

Crafting your dreams and possibly nightmares too

Being an entrepreneur sounds like the decision one would make to be like a hired killer or a ninja or something really specialized like a open heart surgeon or something. But for many, it’s something they fell into and though it comes with many risks, there is much potential for reward as well.

 In my IG post I commented on how amazing all these bloggers were who were crafting their own dreams by blogging about life, featuring cool products, marketing their brand to the world, and creating a stream of income to allow them to remain at home with their children. It is really an interesting world to witness yet also it is not unlike the struggle I go through with starting my own business.

 I’d like to highlight that the dream comes a long way off and though it is fun, there are also nightmares or shall I say night terrors that come with it too. And that is not something to forget about. I’d go into details but suffice it to say – we’re talking nightmares. I think that’s why you have to daily tell yourself that if something bad can happen, it will happen. And that is something you have to develop a stomach for. Or just lose tons of weight due to the stress, either one ;) hold on while I send a msg to my lawyer….

 Ok I’m back. No I really just did that….multitasking….Anyways, yes – there are the cons and the pros about launching your own business and that is something to make sure you are mentally prepared for. It is really fun – it is a choose your own destiny but it is trying on the soul. That’s why I have said in the past – make sure you can draw strength from something that does not depend on your success or failure. You need a rock to hold fast to in all these ups and downs. Sometimes our confidence is like a tiny fragile flower – in sun it flourishes, but if its too sunny or too windy it can shrivel up.

 Let’s go back to the dream part – it is so cool also to read in social media about people who launched a shopify business and they are doing really well and have a legitimate business they are running and they got it up and running through working on their social media and marketing. This is such a great testament to the living your dream work ethic that abounds in our culture. And it is so rewarding to see the success of others. Sometimes you do get led to wonder  - how many of these same types of businesses do not have similar success and what are the reasons for that? I do not have an answer for that but I do know that persistence is really the building block of entrepreneurship. Some days when something doesn’t go right, I think – well – that’s it! But then the next day comes along and you realize that if one thing doesn’t work out, there are so many avenues ahead. You don’t need all successes all the time and it wouldn’t be educational to you if it was success all the time. These little barriers that come upon us are sometimes a help to get us to an even higher plane.



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