What toys to bring on a trip

The past weekend we went on a quick getaway with our two kids. Though I like to think I’m a thoughtful toy purchaser for my children, since having my 2nd, I’ve had the conundrum of – do I buy one for them or two for both of them? It would be magical if two toys came from one and then when they didn’t care about the toy, it could go back to one. But that’s unicorn stuff!

So, here are 4 things to think about when bringing toys with you.

 barbie shoes

  1. Do you care if it gets lost? If you do, it’s always best to leave the fancy stuff at home or the things that come apart and need to stick together (I’ve scoured the grounds at the park for Barbie’s high heeled platform stripper shoes before but to no avail)

 Lalaloopsy doll

  1. Do you have more than one? This is like a game of chess – either the kids will not be interested in the same things or will fight over the one item the entire time. If you have more than one, bring it. If you don’t try to find something of equal perceived ‘child evaluation’ value - so in my kids mind – this can be tricky to come up with. Will the Elsa Barbie be the hot item or will the Lalaloopsy doll? Will they be considered equal or will they be scorned by the children?

    Woody from Toy Story
  2. When was the last time they saw this toy? If it was a long time ago, chances are it will be a hit. Novelty is big with kids – even if it’s been in the give away pile, because it’s new to them, it will be played a lot with and treasured.

 Yogurt spoon, biodegradable

  1. Mix it up – variety is the spice of life. Kids will have fun with the spoon from the yogurt place as much as they would with a shopkin. Bringing a variety of objects and trinkets can induce their imagination and provide them with the props they need to enter into their own reality – it is always fun to see them acting out scenes from a movie using straws and lids.
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