How to Grow, Nurse, Warm, Cover, and Carry Your Baby Using Just One Item

How to Grow, Nurse, Warm, Cover, and Carry Your Baby Using Just One Item

The Cardimom® is a multi-use garment for women. In this post, we will talk about how one item of clothing can be used for so many different features and is a must-have for moms.

 x     It is a soft cotton sweater that you can wear as a tunic or poncho and is perfect for expecting mothers as they accomodate their growing bump.
Cardimom® in poncho mode

x     But it also is a great open front maternity cardiganEvery Super Woman wearing a Cool Cardimom® in CreamBecause it doesn't require closure, it grows with you and accentuates your beautiful maternity figure. The front collar is great for covering up the girls and any mishaps such as engorgement or leaking that might occur. 

x     The magic feature that so many moms love is that the shrug collar we just discussed can be pulled over your head to allow you to nurse your baby with a cover. 

Even if you are not of the mindset to cover your baby while feeding, there are some logistics to setting up nursing that all moms must undergo - you might be wearing breast shields to absorb leaking milk, you might have to express milk at the nipple first to encourage let-down. Do you really want the group of high school kids sitting at the bench at the park to witness that? Some moms just use the cover to do all that logistical stuff and then once latched, they let baby absorb the world around them with all their senses. BUT some babies do need a little cocoon to nurse and be comfortable and some like to fall asleep at the breast which is  much easier when drafts are mitigated and bright light is filtered for their cute little eyes. 

x     The sweater is warm but not too warm and is a perfect blanket or canopy for baby. 

What makes it even better is that the sweater carries mommy's scent. And smell is one component of restful sleep that many of us do not think about. Do you love to go to bed with the smell of lavender? Well, baby loves to fall into dreamland with mommy's sweet smell surrounding them. The Cardimom® is a perfect lovey blanket to do just that!

x     It works also as a infant car seat canopy where the neckhole sits perfectly to give you the solid grip onto the infant carrier. 

Cardimom® as an infant car seat cover

x      Here is where your mind will be blown - you can wear it over your baby wrap or baby carrier when you back carry and baby can WEAR the sweater with you! Say what? 

You heard us! Check out these photos!

Babywearing at its best - going for a hike with toddler in the carrier

x     That is not even all the uses: it can be used to cover the seat of a grocery cart or high chair

x     Or you can wear it as a yoga sweater and show off your cute Lululemon tank! 

x     What other Cardimom® hacks have you tried out? Sound off in the comments!

You can get a Cardimom® here

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