How to Stretch Your Maternity Wardrobe

How to Stretch Your Maternity Wardrobe

How to stretch your maternity wardrobe

You found out you are pregnant, first trimester you're a little in shock. Then you realize you need to get some new clothes. What do you buy? What do you need? How much should you buy? Where should you go? You start with Amazon or maybe a consignment sale? How do you know how big you'll get? How do you know what you will need?

Look no further than Lucie's List. A list of must need items curated by a mom who's been reviewing products for years and knows the ins and outs of raising children and testing products. 

One tip that you will find everywhere is to pick items that can serve multiple functions. As much as it seems intuitive, you will find yourself obsessing about one item you feel is a must have, say maybe a Diaper Genie. A lot of your must have feelings are founded upon fear of the unknown. You may not know if you need it or not until you get to that point but who wants to shop when baby is already here?

The first category to tackle is maternity clothing to accomodate your growing body. You may want to think about the upcoming weather and seasons. The best rule to follow with maternity clothing is to find items that can be used in different ways. 

Enter the Cardimom®. Although it shines best as a nursing sweater/cover, it is so great for maternity. 

Cardimom® as a poncho for maternity

Its accommodating and flowing cut will make you feel like a million bucks. It is so comfortable, moms have been known to wear it to bed. 

It can also be layered as a cardigan with a no close front which is perfect for maternity, especially that last trimester. 

Cardimom® in cardigan mode

Apart from the stylistic benefits which we will touch upon in another post, it has so many functions beyond maternity - when you are post maternity, you wear it the same way but can use it for nursing. 

Can it be used beyond nursing? Definitely! Check out how many moms wear it for babywearing their toddlers, many of who are already weaned. 

Babywearing with the Cardimom®

It also can be used for your baby or toddler as a canopy for a stroller or infant car seat or a seat cover for a grocery cart or high chair.

Cardimom® as a stroller canopy

Cardimom® as a grocery cart seat cover


And of course, even if you aren't breastfeeding, plenty of moms continue to wear it because it is so comfortable and versatile for your wardrobe both as a Cardigan or tunic/poncho. The uses beyond breastfeeding make it such a great pick, it really does replace so many other items you would need to buy. Rather than investing in many pieces of clothing that you will then try to consign or pass on to friends, it is something you will be tempted to keep in your closet for a long time.

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