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1 sweater, 10 uses

10 in 1 use sweater for moms: Cardimom®
The Cardimom® was a napkin sketch idea that came out of my own frustration with myself for forgetting to carry my wrinkled up nursing cover everywhere. But because I would get hot and cold so quickly, I rarely left the house without an extra layer on, especially living in the Bay area where it can be warm in the day and cold at night. 
As I would forget to bring one and would feel myself getting engorged, I would have to nurse or relieve the pressure but I hated that my milk supply was going down due to my feeling that it was inconvenient to nurse outside of my home. Although at home I had no qualms about nursing without a cover, I also was self conscious that I was still wearing my maternity pants after having a baby and lifting up my shirt would always expose my "magic pants" that fit no matter how big my bump was. Even wearing a poncho or nursing cover would do that too. 
So I would take my sweater or jacket off and wear it backwards and try to nurse but it didn't really allow room for baby to fit and it would fall down the arms and baby hated it, it was not breathable, she couldn't see me, I couldn't see her. Plus it would make her hot and I would be freezing....Or sometimes when it was really warm I would use it and we would both be roasting. 
Then I got one of those infinity scarf nursing covers but I found I didn't wear it in warm weather because its odd to go out with shorts, tank top, and sandals on and...a scarf, you know - to accessorize for summer (LOL).
As a seasoned cut and sew designer, I just started sketching and then draping some excess fabric I had at home and a crude concept was born which then became a pattern which then became a halfway decent idea and slowly but surely, there you go! 
The love that has gone into this design is overwhelming as much as the love received for this design from other moms. And the love when they see that - you can wear this literally from when you start to show all the way through motherhood. And it can be used for a babywearing sweater, a cart cover, a cover for a car seat, a blanket....When moms realize this, they are blown away that one item that is under $75 can replace the cost of items that moms regularly pay $30 for and then try to give away or sell when they are through that stage.
What is even more amazing is that this can continue to be work after nursing - it is just so comfortable and soft and goes with both dressed up and dressed down looks. Don't let 'nursing' or 'maternity' dissuade you - it's a versatile item of clothing that you will love even if you aren't a mom. And what's so awesome about it is that it is flattering for all body types. The drape of the fabric just covers what needs covering and also flatters your shape. 
This is a maternity closet staple and will be something you will fall back on even after nursing. 
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