How to Style Your Cardimom®

How to Style Your Cardimom®


How to Style Your Cardimom®

The Cardimom® was originally designed as a sweater for nursing as I would forget to bring a cover and then use my jacket or sweater backwards (I would sometimes tie the arms together to make a loop for my head or I would put my arms through the arms backwards). It was not very comfortable for the baby and it was more just to provide a quick cover because it was not easy to keep baby under the sweater as it was pushing down on her. After some thoughts on how to improve a nursing cover, the idea for the Cardimom® was born. But now that I'm doing so much face to face sales of it, I've got to say that the garment has a lot of allure to women who just like having a 2 or 3 in 1 all cotton sweater! When they walk up to my booth, I try to downplay the affiliation with nursing as some of them don't have children or are past the nursing phase and it in a way is a turn off for them to know what they are trying on is for maternity. But I believe that the best ideas are born in times of war or labor, trying times...and pregnancy is a breeding ground for new product ideas. The Cardimom® is great for wearing so many different ways. You can rock it as a poncho with or without a belt or another accessory such as a knot, or as a cardigan with the hole concealed or you can open it up to get air flow to your shoulders or for a style touchpoint. The front also becomes a hood and is so versatile it will quickly become a travel mainstay in your wardrobe. So, if the design interests you, hop on and enjoy the fashion opportunities with the Cardimom®!

Cardimom® with knot in front - casual




Casual style with the Cardimom®

Cardimom® with jeans

Dressy Cardimom®

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