50 Shades of Poop

50 Shades of Poop

50 shades of poop

As a cloth diapering mom of a breastfed newborn, I've spent so much time trying to get the cloth diapers back to pristine after each poop and in the process, I've been baffled by how much range it has in color and texture! If you are on the brink of delivering, trust me, once baby is born, you will find yourself googling and even taking pictures of your baby's diaper creations. Doctors rarely care to inspect these photos FYI but you know, there is a moment of pride you feel when baby has their first poop, the first of many firsts but one of a few requirements allowing you to be discharged from the hospital together.

From black tarrish meconium to green to orange to yellow, baby poop runs the whole spectrum. I found that after the meconium passed, baby's breastmilk poo ranges from green to yellow and occasionally a burnt orange but the colors were so odd that I wasn't sure if everything was OK. I could have logged onto my health care portal to try to email my doctor or try to call the advice nurse but sometimes I just didn't have the time or my 50 digit medical ID number of my child memorized so I did what so many mom bloggers do, turned to the trusted reliable resource: Pinterest. For your entertainment, here is a roundup of the best visual guides that I used to decipher the diaper readings.
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I obviously find this to be a "poop"luar topic. I have numerous books on baby poo and even wrote a post: http://coffeewithasideof.com/2017/04/number-two.html. I will be pinning this one for sure.


I wish I had this poop guide when my son was newborn! One thing no one ever told us..his poop (EBF) would be yellow and honest to god smell like popcorn. Almost two years later, we still cant eat microwave popcorn


This is awesome! It is crazy how many colors and textures there can be


First of all, I love the title! Really caught my attention. I did not even know about this until now. Great read


This is a great guide for new moms! Who knew we would be this interested in poop :).


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