Are you having twins?

Are you having twins?

The dreaded beginning of the third trimester has arrived. I'm just going to go dig a hole in my bedroom and um, I'll see you in 3 months! Starting to fear the comments like this. But since this is probably my last baby, should I just embrace it all good and bad?

Any of you just want to punch someone for giving you their 2 cents on the state, shape, and size of your belly?

Vanity is oddly something that with each child, slowly diminishes, but no one really likes comments on your weight and I can never really escape the comments no matter how hard I try to avoid them. My first baby, though I had already had a baby, I had someone ask me when I was due and it must have been at least 6 months post partum. My second one, right after I had her, someone asked me when I was due and though I had the baby right there, for some reason she had thought I was still pregnant lol. So then she told me I had to start exercising. LOL. 

I had imagined this time that I would be a fearless blogger and document each week along the way, but with all the hormones, it's hard to be in the mood to snap pictures. And each week it gets harder to look as I would like. Sometimes you take a pic and then look at it and wow, not quite like you had imagined. But as I said, I don't think I'm as vain as I used to be but I'm also not as camera ready as I used to be as well. I stopped wearing contacts when I was pregnant with #2 and then I chopped all my hair off too! And after I have baby, it takes a while for the weight to come off.

I do a lot of exercise and actually this time, I'm doing much much less. First pregnancy I was still an avid ice skater so I did a lot of ice dancing up til 8 months pregnant. I danced until I once wiped out and realized my balance was too sketchy to continue. 2nd pregnancy I was not really skating anymore but I biked to work about 25 min a day and also did a 1 hr lunch workout on a suspension trainer. Both times I put on the same amount which was more than the recommended weight gain.

This time around, i'm only doing barre and pilates. I also just doing quite feel myself and I think I'm more moderate than before. 

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