Cardimom® Yoga Coverup

Cardimom® Yoga Coverup

Yoga coverup

The Cardimom® is a 100% cotton sweater that I designed to be worn as both a cardigan and a poncho. It is an amazing garment for moms and moms to be because the poncho and the neckline are amazing for breastfeeding however, it is so soft, light and comfortable, that it's also perfect to wear as a coverup for yoga or pilates. When worn as a cardigan, it has an open back that allows air circulation across the back although it can also be worn closed-back as well.

open back cardigan What is even more amazing is that for meditation when you are doing shavasana, you can convert it into a poncho and wear it as a warming layer for meditation rather than the wool blankets or towels that are normally used. For more information, visit the linked photo below.

Yoga Coverup

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