I'm officially in love for the 4th time

I'm officially in love for the 4th time

been off having a baby and am amazed at how much can change in a span of a week. From ambling along with a too big belly ready to pop to popping out said baby to being at home with this new addition,  and seeing and experiencing my body transition from pregnant to healing and concurrently nourishing this baby has been so eye opening. It is so crazy to think how this body went from one extreme to the other and how much has been packed into one week! I have to thank modern medicine for making it possible as I've learned I'm not one for pain and I needed much medical intervention to get through this pregnancy and labor.
But, in spite of my fears and all the reservations I've had about having a third child especially over the age of 35, I have to say that I'm so in love! And I've seen such a different side to my husband and my two girls this past week. My hubby is able to take some time off and he's taken the girls who are usually my little ducklings under his own wing. Taking them to school and to swimming lessons and all, it's been amazing to see him step up and help out so much so that I can spend time mending and resting and feeding our son. 
I'm overwhelmed with love for this little man and so thankful to be able to experience motherhood again and relive some of the things I love and discover new things this time. But overall, I'm just so in love with him! What's amazing is that the love grows with each new addition to the family. I've also had this experience where my two girls seem so mature and grown up to me all of a sudden. They look bigger, they seem more developed and mature! Somehow, the difference in scale between a newborn and them makes them seem so much bigger even though it was just a few days away from them. And seeing the things my eldest has been picking up from being able to read through a book to playing a tune on the piano to swimming across the pool all by herself! I'm just so overwhelmed by how much can change in a short span. A lot of the anxieties and fears I had about going into this pregnancy I feel have been assuaged on their own. 
A lot planned for the coming summer and some great content on the blog - be sure to stop by and subscribe for updates!
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Thanks so much Elise!


Congratulations on your beautiful family.

Elise Cohen Ho

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