Kids say the darnedest things vol 1

Kids say the darnedest things vol 1

It's so fun to document all the stages of childhood, especially when kids have started to express themselves and then a few years in, they say some hilarious stuff. I've been trying to take note because you just can't get that moment back. The other day, my older daughter, after I told them to stop putting on their ballet tights for school, said 'tights are easy to make: you just take pants and sew socks on!'. I chuckled a little bit mostly because she has this idea that I can just sew anything into reality.

Anytime something is broken, 'you can glue it using superglue!', 'you can staple it!', 'you can tape it!'. And it's funny and super cute to see her trying to make things with paper and our stapler. Though i love her creativity I also don't have a huge batch of tape and staples! But I guess it's worth it to provide that to her if it helps her figure out how things come together. 

I actually wanted to help her learn more about sewing as my mom taught me. I ended up buying a 'sew cool' machine at a used gear sale and I bought a few packets of things on amazon she could try to sew. It was one of her Christmas presents. I was actually pretty frustrated with that contraption! Not sure if you've seen these, Sew Cool sewing machine

The idea is that it has a gate to protect them from getting their fingers sewn and the needles just go up and down but don't feed the fabric and there is also no thread. You use nonwoven material that has been felted and I guess just the process of the needles going up and down on the fabric causes it to adhere together because the fibers get mashed up. 

But the reality? it's really loud, hard to feed, and the clothes we bought to sew together came apart with a few tugs. I would rather just sew it for her as I ended up having to try to use the machine myself. It also had a broken needle and you can't change the needles on the machine! Back to the used gear sale it goes! LOL.

Anyways, a lot of my trying to document these things is that I feel her cuteness/precociousness slipping away. When we first moved to this town there was a young girl in our church who was just the same way, you could eat her up and everything she said was the cutest. And now she's in junior high and she doesn't smile, she's so shy! She grew up so fast!

So I'm trying to hold on to all these precious moments as much as possible. My youngest just all of a sudden is now speaking full coherent sentences and using words I didn't know that she knew! The other day she told me said someone was irresponsible. And shes in a phase of saying 'Mommy, remember that time...' and then she relives a memory of something a few days ago, someone was being mean or she got hurt...

Mostly from the little one, it's the precious faces this little girl makes. This is her eating ice cream....

Eating ice cream is so hard

Life is really rough, isn't it? 

Anyways, stay tuned for more funny cute isms. Tell me, what cute isms do your kids say that make you crack up?




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The things that come out of their mouths are absolutely hilarious!! I love it!!


Kids Definitely grow up so quick now days, love what you’re doing though, the best thing is to document and cherish all these memories, I love the idea of scrapbooks too mine would be full if And when I have kids hehe I love the idea of the sewing machine I wish my mum had showed me how to sew as I’m useless now. X


Kids really do say the funniest things! Theyr so naive and innocent its so cute. I even note down some of the things my kids say so I can tell them when theyre older.

Amina xx |

Amina - ALIandHer

Children are amazing aren’t they? They come out with the cutest and funniest things that we never knew they were aware of haha xx


This was a funny post to read – kids really do say the funniest things!

Annie |


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