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Old connections

It is so funny - a few weeks ago I was at a sale and I was introduced to this woman. The way she spoke triggered a memory of someone I knew from somewhere in the past. She had a unique and awesome way of expressing herself. At first I dismissed it but when I had a chance to talk to her more, she mentioned something about raw food. Then I thought....hmm...where have I heard that before? I then told her "I know I know you from somewhere." We tried to figure out what and where and then I asked her if she ever worked as a tutor as when I was in design school, my cash cow was tutoring in the Bay area burbs. I would drive from SF (not fun) all the way to the remote East Bay suburbs for tutoring. But at the time, the pay you could not pass up and it helped me pay my rent in my little in-law unit in the city....sigh...back then I could fit all of my possessions in a small uhaul. Those days are long...gone......

Anyways, we found out we indeed worked at the same tutoring center and I had to show her a picture from those days when I had bangs and long hair and then she remembered me. It was the funniest thing. Now she is living in the east bay and teaches yoga part time and also works on a new business venture with her business partner. It was so nice to meet again. There are often these little chance connections in person and online and it's so fun to rebuild connections and strengthen the network of amazing people to work with.


That's all for today! Have a wonderful week!

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