Overwhelmed but happy - chronicles of a mompreneur

Overwhelmed but happy - chronicles of a mompreneur

Overwhelmed but happy

-Overwhelmed but happy-

These words describe me to a T these days. The more I've become involved in my online business and with another baby and figuring out how to keep three children alive, the more I've had to divide my time between two paying jobs and 1 unpaid. The unpaid of course is taking care of my children and the two paying are my online business and then the freelance work that I do to supplement.

It can be challenging balancing them all and I just can't get it all done and also be with my kids and care for them and also try to be healthy. It was overwhelming before getting pregnant and was overwhelming while being pregnant and yes it is also overwhelming afterwards. BUT I enjoy it and I am so happy to have the opportunity. But I do plan to blog about the pros and cons of working from home for your own business with children. I would say it feels like a real life pinterest where you get suggestions and tasks thrown at you constantly and you are trying to tick off the tasks as you do them but also have so many things to do with the kids as well. There is so much to do in this business and though I really do enjoy it, it is tremendously difficult to do it all well. And also be a great mom and also have a perfect body...which I also plan to blog about.

In light of some recent and real trials that people are going through around me, I am also trying to slow down and appreciate my baby. I love that breastfeeding forces us to have moments to reflect and to enjoy one anothers company and stare into each others eyes. Well, that's all for today, stay tuned for all these amazing posts I have planned!

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That feeling of being overwhelmed seems to be so common these days but at least you are enjoying it as you say!


It can be so hard to see past the crazy some days, but being able to slow down and appreciate it is so important!!


#chasingslow is a hashtag a girlfriend of mine has been using all summer and I so needed as a daily reminder to take it easy!


I can totally relate to that feeling! I often feel super overwhelmed, but wouldn’t change a thing. I love your positive attitude towards the juggle of it all.

Marquita @LovetheLaniers

I am always needing a reminder to slow down. The first year is so hard, but I keep reminding myself not to wish it away!

ashley peavey

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