Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss

So, everyone, I'm in the throes of this problem right now. 4 mos postpartum and my hair.....shedding everywhere. In all of baby's cracks, in my bra, on my arms, in the shower, just everywhere. When I comb it more comes out and when I pull it back or when I shampoo more comes out. It's an unfortunate side effect of postpartum life for me. How about you, did you experience postpartum hair loss too?

When I went to visit one of my OB/GYNs during my second pregnancy I had experienced it with my first and was trying to avoid it happening again. He had told me that even without baby I would have had the same hair loss. For that and other reasons I switched doctors first of all because that's simply not true. I've always had very full hair but very fine hair and had never had experienced hair loss like this. Three pregnancies now, I start to lose the hair at about 3 months and it keeps going until I start to get a bit scared......and stops......

With my second pregnancy, I had long hair and it was noticeable the first time, my ponytail got so tiny. In an attempt to avoid it, I took Hair, Skin, and Nails during my pregnancy. Now this is all urban legend, but I had the same hair loss but my baby came out with a full and glorious crown of dark brown hair and nails like claws....and sadly a scratched up face too. I think all of the benefits were going straight to her because I still lost my hair. 

The doctors' explanation for what's going on is that when you are pregnant, your hormones prevent your hair from falling out but it continues to grow. The life cycle of your hair is controlled by your hormones so when your body is pregnant, new hair grows but old hair does not fall out very much. You end up with a noticeable thick mane of beautiful glorious radiant hair. When baby is born and you begin to breastfeed, your hormones switch and the hair that was supposed to shed starts shedding all around the same time. This is what the literature says but I don't know about you, there is definitely some serious thinning that happens. I think that more hair is lost than what grows. After about 6 months it starts to slowly grow back but it takes me up to a year to restore it to its original glory. Many moms will notice baby hairs that start to grow that is difficult to manage until it gets long enough to play nice with the rest.

Well, right now I'm at the peak of this shedding cycle and I can't wait until it ends because I'm beginning the freak out phase 😃
What I am using now as i have in the past is some products that a good friend who is a hairdresser turned me onto: Nioxin. I've used the leave in conditioner not because of hair loss but because she recommended it as the best leave in conditioner she had ever used on her customers and since then I've been hooked. I also love their shampoo and conditioner. Once I began using their products, I learned about their hair loss benefits and began using their hair root treatment. It seems to help stimulate hair growth in areas around the crown of my head where I see the worst loss, also at my part line. After putting it on there is a extremely small tingling sensation that occurs. I simply apply it every day when I begin to notice hair loss. Just add water and watch it grow!!! 
Mamas, what tips do you have for postpartum hair loss?
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My doctor was dismissive about it my first pregnancy. I was really affected by it and the conversation from her was it will come back just focus on the baby. Which for whatever reason really hurt my feelings because obviously I was going to take care of the baby. Anyway I found in one of my mom facebook groups a postpartum hair vitamin from baby blues. ( It actually really helped with slowing down the shedding and with the regrowth coming in quicker. My hair overall isn’t so thin feeling and dry. Definitely recommend finding a supplement to help the whole process along.


I really need to take the time to look into this product! After my 2nd child was born, the hair loss has become incredibly noticeable and continues to clog drains! I feel like constantly putting it in a pony tail really contributes to it!


The postpartum hair loss is shocking! So much hair…and my hair is thin to begin with. I’m in the stage where it’s all growing back so I have little wipsy hairs around my hairline. It’s super cute… ;)

I wish I had tips on how to not lose do much! But I never found a way around it.


I have masses of hair and it used to come out in chunks. I just kept it in a bun on my head, packed myself with vitamins and it eventually got better. Wish you luck! Don’t fret!


Yep, this is pretty much me right now! 3.5 months postpartum…and really noticing the hair everywhere haha


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