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Product Review: Doddle & Co. The Pop A Cleaner Pacifier

Pop E Pacifier

Hi friends - I like to investigate new designs and innovations that I see and I was very intrigued by this new pacifier design by Doddle and Co. I purchased it from Amazon.

It promises to keep the pacifier by flipping the nipple inward when the pacifier is dropped. I thought that it inverts when it hits the floor but here is a video of how it works.


My son is not the perfect latcher nor the strongest sucker so we had trouble keeping this pacifier in his mouth, It slightly resists, training him to keep the pacifier in his mouth. If it was not this pacifier we were using, it would probably just fall out of his mouth the same way. 

This is him using the pacifier.


 It was slightly more anxiety inducing trying to make sure he kept it in his mouth though I would imagine this could help a baby strengthen their 'pacifier skills'. The pacifier did do what it says it does - when it is not in use, it is inverted and protected. We were at the beach and having a cover for it does keep sand and dirt off of it.  I would suggest if you do try this one out that it not be the first or only pacifier you use as there is a learning curve. it would be great if it also came with a way to leash it because I could see it falling and rolling away constantly. I love carrying this one in my diaper bag because it does keep the pacifier clean and doesn't require a case. It is made of a colorful soft silicone.

It is shaped very similar to the Dr. Brown's shape pacifier. The price point is a bit high though I can see that because of its design it commands a higher price. Here is a link to the company website.

Here he is later that day after a long day at the beach and some pacifier practice. He was able to sleep to the ocean waves after some nursing. I'm loving the Summer Tank Cardimom that I've been taking on all of our summer escapades allowing me to nurse him and be completely comfortable whether in a swimsuit, a dress, or shorts and tee. Thanks for visiting!




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  • Katie

    What a cutie pie! I haven’t see these pacifiers, but I could see how littles may have a hard time keeping it “open”. I just read another gals post on the Cardimom tops. Super cute!

  • Karen

    I had never heard about this product before. I remember when my youngest was 2 weeks old my MIL suggested I give her the pacifier and she would not latch after. I got so upset I threw them all away lol. Now she takes both no problem.

  • Lisa

    that is so neat, I have never seen one like that. I will have to keep this in mind for my next kid. Thanks


  • Jasmine

    My son never used a pacifier so this is foreign to me. But it sounds like it would be a good product

  • Belle

    This looks so cool! My kids grew out of their pacifier really quick like after a month or so. But I know a lot of babies are going to love this!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

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