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Cosleeping with multiple children

Cosleeping with more than one child definitely becomes a 2 bears in the bed and the little one says "i'm crowded, roll over" type of situation. I'm a self proclaimed attachment parent, not in all aspects but definitely in cosleeping. I just find that sleeping with your children is a way to literally hang on to every ounce of their being such amazing sweet things. When I can't relish every cute thing they say, like my 3 yo saying 'pinching' instead of punching, I like to hold them as they sleep. I love seeing their restful faces at peace.  Not to say that I don't need my space or that hubs does either. But, I guess we picked our battles...

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Adding to your brood

I don't know why, but everytime I have a baby, I spend the first week obsessing about whether or not that is my last baby. I've found some funny emails with my first one swearing to my mom that daycare was too expensive and we'd be sticking with one child. But here we are with two girls, 5 and 3. And voila, I thought I would be happy with 2 and now I'm pregnant.  I found that when I tried to google 'one child vs 2' or '2 vs 3 children' there was not much out there. Even looking on forums, I felt dissatisfied with the content I was reading. I also found it to be so biased it didn't...

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