The 14 Piece Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

The 14 Piece Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

This capsule wardrobe allows you to mix and match pieces and get 36 different looks from 14 items. Pretty impressive, eh? You need three basic maternity or nursing tees and two pairs of jeans. The jeans should be one very casual and one that can be dressed up for a night out. One spagetti string flowy top that can be paired with leggings or with the jeans to go either yoga-sporty/athleisure OR dressed up for the club (though if you're expecting, I guess it's more like a few sips of wine at a dinner out with your hubs LOL).Maternity Capsule wardrobe

There's also the very trendy plaid oversized flannel that goes great with jeans, skirt, or over dresses, and three maxi dresses from super casual to something fitting enough for a more formal event. One sweater is all you need, the Cardimom® which can be worn as both an open-front cardigan or a poncho. Because the cardigan has a shrug collar, there's no need for a scarf and when baby comes, it is your instant go-to nursing cover. No need to carry anything else around or wear a scarf in summer time. It's light enough to be worn year-round. Follow with nice over coat for inclement weather. Lastly, shoes that are comfortable, grow with you, and easy to slip on and off. The entire collection is yours for under $1500 and I'm sure with some competitive shopping, you can find some looks-like items to replace the higher ticket items.

The Cardimom® retails at a range from $45-70 and with all the different ways it can be worn and used, it's worth every penny spent. You'll also save so much money on several different cardigans and sweaters and on nursing covers, scarves, and canopies. What's even more amazing is you can babywear with it on both in front and in back. It's a must have for any capsule wardrobe!

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