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Hello everyone,

Not sure who reads this but I just got hit on the head with a big brick that says 'you must blog seriously now.' I have always been a designer and not much of a content creator. Before I started doing this business, I wanted to blog about my experiences I've had designing and bringing things to market and also the change that having kids had upon my designs. That's sort of why I wanted to name my blog Always a Parent. 

However, must successful bloggers who sell products or services  - so far I've seen three types. There are some that have a focus but not necessarily a direction - they just want you to ooh and aah over their life, live vicariously through their instagram happy life and their quote shirts and flat thong sandals, advertised to through their promoted posts. I can't really diss these people because I do work with some influencers and this is not a diss. But I do envy their work ethic and that they've achieved this status where they can do just that above. It is not an easy job. Not only do you have to have a really good photographer and really good subjects and lighting, it is like Chinese acrobatics where you have to keep several plates spinning at a time.

The other kind of bloggers are those who are creating content at a rate of speed to put to shame Charles Dickens. I mean they are just machines. And they not only create content but they also sell to you products and services and education! I just can not fathom how much work goes into creating education courses...and's's...I need to take a nap just thinking about it.

Then there are sort of these in between people who just sort of are instagram stars but also create content that's kind of just fluff....just something to read like worse than readers digest....

For a while I was going to try to be the latter but not as good, but after a while I just could not do it anymore. I am pretty good at filling space with words but I just...when I think of all the things I need to do in my business, it is hard to find the time to sit down and create fluff ...while i'm also trying to grow my instagram account by 100 followers a week. 

So, just recently I happened upon a blogger who I feel is doing things really really well. And I took her training. And that is when I realized that I should not just be about selling products I design. But I should also create content. BUT I don't want my audience to be competitors - not that i don't want them to follow me. But, my audience is mostly women (and some men) and mostly moms (and some non moms) and so I had to figure out - well if i write about my developments in this business that I'm sort of just figuring out on the fly, does that attract the wrong subscribers?...

But anyways, I've sort of come to the realization that I can blog about all of it. I can bare my soul about all my experiences leading up to this and what I've learned and I can also talk about the struggles of motherhood and working and all that and what informs the designs you see on this website. 

So, anyways, I have been microblogging on instagram and sort of just stream of consciousness writing there. But here I want to document not only the progression but more tactical posts to build and tell the story of this business and what led up to this. I hope that through reading this blog, many of my customers and fans can see that this business is not just about baby or maternity products. It is so much more and I hope that this can set this business apart from so many others that are very niched. You might ask me why? Well one really good answer is that although it is true that once you are a parent, you are always a parent, I want to keep lifelong customers. That is hard to do when you sell maternity or baby products. That is why I want my products to be things that moms will buy and continue to use even after having kids. And because the products are so useful, they would also appeal to women and men without children. 

OK, off to the next task! Please subscribe to this blog to follow the progress of MULTIWEAR®!

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