Three moms, three lives, one top, many uses

Three moms, three lives, one top, many uses

There are three moms featured here, soon to be mother of two, Oxana 

Maternity top, Cardimom cotton sweater

Whether you're expecting or bottles and diapers are long gone, the Cardimom® goes from the day you have a positive pregnancy test to beyond baby. It can be used as both a maternity sweater or cardigan, a nursing top & nursing cover, a capsule wardrobe piece, even a babywearing sweater. Above you see Oxana wearing it as a belted poncho. By flipping the front over your head, it becomes a vest or cardigan. 

Converting the Cardimom to a vest

This is the Summer Tank featured but any of the styles that we offer have this functionality.

 Vest maternity cardigan for summer

 Here you see she is wearing it as a vest and it totally completes her outfit. When you have a growing belly, it's nice to have something layered over to give you a different silhouette. 

The next mom is yours truly, not quite the style maven, but using it at the summer movie in the park. It gives baby a light layer and allows some filtered light and privacy so that he can nurse. 

Nursing baby in the park at sunset nursing top

I love that I don't have to bring an extra thing but I can wear it and have an instant nursing cover. It has also been a lifesaver when he's colicky and shoots up his curds to protect my clothes! I of course try to burp him sufficiently but I'm not always able to get him to burp.

The third mom is Katie of who doesn't have a nursing baby anymore but uses the Cardimom for her capsule wardrobe, saving money and still having tons of style. 
beyond baby, capsule wardrobe vest


There are many cool features apart from this that you can discover at 

You can get the Summer Tank here: 

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This is adorable! We are hoping for number 2 soon enough and I will definitely keep this on my list of options!!!!!


This is awesome! I’m pregnant with baby #2 right now and I’m going to have to get this top!
-Emily @


I wish I had this when I was pregnant! It’s so stylish and i love that you can continue to wear it.

Amy Blake

Super cool and super cute! Love the adorable mom pics too. Thanks for sharing, especially that animated clip.


That looks so versatile and comfortable. Thanks for sharing!


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