What to Get for a Pregnant Friend

What to Get for a Pregnant Friend

Hey mamas!

This 2017 holiday season I'm participating in a gift guide with some fellow minded moms. My gift guide is aptly titled "What to Get for a Pregnant Friend". This a topic near and dear to my heart because I have often been on the receiving end of great gifts that I would not have thought of and also because while I don't always want to spend my OWN money on something, it's entirely different when someone asks me what they can buy for me! A gift for a new mom can be a great way to introduce them to something they have not known about before and wouldn't have thought of.

Here are a few things to help an expectant mom out. New moms often are challenged by firstly knowing what THEY'RE going to need - there's so much stuff to buy for herself - nothing fits and she needs a totally new wardrobe. Then she needs everything to have the baby, keep the baby safe and sound, and then entertain the baby! It can be really overwhelming! 

Well, first of all, I can start with the things NOT to buy for mama. DON'T buy her a blanket or a layette! An amazing way to show your thoughtfulness is to buy something handmade on Etsy for her. There are so many talented moms out there who make products for moms and babies and it is a great way to support small business and to get something for her that is different and that wouldn't be found in other places. Instagram is a great place to find shops like this run by moms and for products for new moms. Check out this awesome guide for Gift Ideas for New Moms for some ideas.

 You can also help a mother out who is interested in cloth diapering by buying her a set of flats to use or a set of diaper covers OR a few AIO (all in ones) in various sizes. Cloth diapering can be so expensive and having support to cloth diaper when a mom is on the fence over the expense can be a really nice gesture. If you are worried she might not like them, flats are always safe as well as cloth wipes (which are also great etsy gifts) since they are not size specific. 

Another amazing gift for moms are breast shields for nursing that are either disposable or reusable. These are all the rage: Bamboobies. There are also some hand made that can be ordered on Etsy. 

A starter kit for breastfeeding is a really great gift because it gives moms the essentials that they can try out and then order more as they see the need. 

I also quite like a stroller purse or any accessories for a stroller.   These are just so helpful with upping your stroller game and getting your things organized. For new moms, it can also be helpful to have some small nursery accessories such as a Sleep sheep or similar item. We have a Gentle Giraffe and it's such a great go to to soothe a baby and to take when traveling. Many moms would not buy these because they would use an app but it is really helpful to have a dedicated device for this.

Lastly I would be remiss if I didn't toot my own horn and recommend the Cardimom for a new mom as it's a great all in one garment for maternity, postpartum, nursing, and even long before and after baby. AND my Transition Tote which is a great purse for during and after baby - super stylish and meeting all the needs of a busy mom with space to carry cold milk, changing pad, diapers wipes, dirty clothes, a change of clothes, and a dedicated space for keys and phone. 

What do you think about my list? I have also found my friend Emily Elliot's guide called "Top Gifts for Expecting Moms" to be a wonderful resource in finding the right gift for a friend.


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