Why I gave up on social media for a year...and other thoughts

Why I gave up on social media for a year...and other thoughts

Hello friends, 

I started my biz and blogging about I'd say 3 years ago around when I had a sudden flitter of entrepreneurship and began a company centered around the mommy lifestyle. I became very motivated in spite of my personal leeriness to be known on social media. But I got pretty good at it. I wouldn't say I was killing it on social media, I was doing OK. I got really heavily into Instagram, Facebook with ads, and Pinterest and blogging and all these apps and other methods in the underbelly of social media. I was really really acvite for that period of time which is also when I got pregnant for the third time. 

I was in a nesting craze and began to post and do all kinds of things, I was obsessed and yet also trying to catch up with the moms in my little virtual world that I was making friends with. 

I remember the first time my daughter had heard someone mention Instagram and she thought they were talking about me, she didn't know that everyone was on Instagram. Ofcourse today she knows all about it and wants to be on my social media. 

Well, I found after I had my son that I just dropped my social media almost completely and was not able to pick it up for pretty much an entire year. I wonder often what caused that. Well, there were so many factors. I began to teach and I didn't have the ability to be on the phone and I didn't want to be anymore. I didn't want to always be checking things and messaging people.

Life was unfolding in front of my eyes and I didn't want to miss it. My son who is soooo cute, I just couldn't take my eyes off of him, I didn't want to be on my phone.

My daughters were getting more aware of social media and I wanted to set an example, I didn't want to send the wrong message that social media was all that I cared about.

I had a conflict of conscience, was it right for me to spend so much time on a platform owned by the Zuck and trying to fake a life that didn't exist? It is hard to be authentic when really IG is not authentic AT ALL. Anyone who says that is just not living in the real world.

Not wanting to curate my home anymore. I just couldn't relate to having everything down to my coffee mug curated for a good shot. I just don't have a house like that, my kids dress themselves and they don't have gender neutral clothes in mustard and white and black. 

I'm not the type - I just don't have the look and I dunno, being a mom, I lack the interest in having that look. I'm not that happy with my postpartum appearance and that is hard to cope with. It is totally worth it for my 3rd little cutie pie but it does make one NOT want to look in the mirror that often. Right now in my life, I'm not the focus and rightly so.

The government. Life in America is stressful, there are so many crazy things happening out there. It is hard to post when there is so much unrest in our country and world. I had to take a hard look at life and figure things out.

I've been gone but I'm back but not nearly as free to post and engage as before. But I am crawling slowly back out of my shell. I'm have to keep a safe distance from my phone to avoid getting too sucked in. I don't want to measure myself against what I have achieved with social media posts. 

Have you ever taken a break from your phone and how did you feel about if afterwards?

Why I gave up on social media

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