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What toys to bring on a trip

The past weekend we went on a quick getaway with our two kids. Though I like to think I’m a thoughtful toy purchaser for my children, since having my 2nd, I’ve had the conundrum of – do I buy one for them or two for both of them? It would be magical if two toys came from one and then when they didn’t care about the toy, it could go back to one. But that’s unicorn stuff! So, here are 4 things to think about when bringing toys with you.   Do you care if it gets lost? If you do, it’s always best to leave the fancy stuff at home or the things that come apart and need to...

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Crafting your dreams and possibly nightmares too

Being an entrepreneur sounds like the decision one would make to be like a hired killer or a ninja or something really specialized like a open heart surgeon or something. But for many, it’s something they fell into and though it comes with many risks, there is much potential for reward as well.  In my IG post I commented on how amazing all these bloggers were who were crafting their own dreams by blogging about life, featuring cool products, marketing their brand to the world, and creating a stream of income to allow them to remain at home with their children. It is really an interesting world to witness yet also it is not unlike the struggle I go through...

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Kids and a hotel stay

Even though your home is probably nicer than the small confines of a hotel, there is something exciting for kids who get to spend a night or two at a hotel, no matter the level of luxury. Here are some things we suggest you bring to make it a little more convenient and fun 1. ALWAYS BRING THE SWIMSUITS. I know you’re at home thinking – we’re not in a swimming mood. We won’t bring them. Then you get there and you pass the glistening pool and think…oh darn, we didn’t bring the suits! This will always happen. Just don’t forget the mantra: ALWAYS BRING THE SUITS!!!! 2. Bring a folding stool. Do you want to spend every 30 min...

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