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The Division of Labor Blogpost 1

Hello Friends,

The Div of Labor bags were designed a while ago and I've been perfecting them over the past 6 months. Though the Cardimoms have taken front row, it was always a hope that I could get some bags out there to help moms get through the day in the most stylish way possible. 

I had thought I could order the bags and then sell them but I quickly realized that without the audience and without the sales channels, it would be really difficult to do and I did not want to order them and find out that customers didn't like this or that or that, etc. I had put a request out for a quote to have them made and initially the quote was manageable but after I had put my heart and soul into all the details, the price tag to place an order was very high. Because of that I sort of sidelined the operation and began to work on concepts for a smaller bag. However, when I posted that I was working on a smaller bag, moms kept saying they wanted a diaper bag. And initially I was working on a backpack style bag and after interviewing moms, they kept asking for a messenger style diaper bag. So, I resurrected the effort and sent a sample out to a twin mom to try and she LOVED the bag and so did her hubby.

Anyways, never one to shrink back from trying something impossible, and after attending a recent baby fair and seeing a lot of interest in the bag, I figured....why not? What is there to lose? 

So, please check out the crowdfund and please support in any way you can! Would love to see this come into reality! Please share it with your mom groups, etc.

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