An update

An update


Well, here is the latest update on the Division of Labor bag: 

I tried to do a preorder and a crowdfund and I got some love but did not quite reach my goal. A big part of it is that there was no urgency to it and I didn't use a platform that built buzz. So, I'm thinking about running an Indiegogo campaign for it. I'm about 95% sure I will run the campaign. 

Good news is that a lot of amazing things are coming up and I think through those events I will be able to secure more funding for them. I was a winner in the Staples Make More Happen challenge and they sent a crew to film a commercial! It was so fun! I haven't seen it yet but I'm excited to see it. I hope it can bring some traffic my way and help me launch this crowdfund.

I went to two events in July, one was the Yoga expo which was a good event for meeting people but the event itself was a little weak as far as expected visitors. In spite of that, I met a wonderful yogi who bought a bag preorder and was so sweet and amazing! I love meeting people like that! 

Then, I went to Oakland First Fridays which was also not a great event that night (I've heard it is usually good but everyone was saying people were just window shopping it seemed). But in spite of that, I also met another woman who bought a preorder! I have a handful of preorders but I want to keep this operation lean and I want to ensure that if I order the bags, the demand will be there. Having the support of even just a few people is so meaningful and sweet and I hope more will be coming in the upcoming months. 

I have on my busy schedule my first MommyCon which will be so exciting! I hope it's a good event. 

Then i also have a Twin Moms of the Valley Sale, the SF Birth and Baby Fair, ABC Kids expo, and the Lafayette Art and Wine! It's going to be a busy few months. 

Please subscribe to my IG: and to and follow all the updates! and please share! Help this little idea of a site grow and become a part of a community! We can make cool stuff together! I mean it! 

Thanks again! Cheers!

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