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Cardimom®, a cardigan and poncho in one, saves space and money!

 Whether you are a mom or the kind of gal who can't be pinned down (or both?), is it sometimes a challenge to dress for everything you've got planned for today? If you are traveling, heading to pilates, or going out with your baby, the Cardimom® sweater accommodates your needs. It's so versatile that it's a must-have for year round comfort and fashion. What other benefits does it have?

14 uses and counting...

  • Shrug cardigan no need to wear a scarf, can be converted into a poncho with just a turn of the collar
  • Poncho that can be belted, knotted, or worn flowy with dresses, skirts, & jeans
  • Nursing Cover - the generous neckline makes it easy to nurse discreetly allowing baby some shelter to latch effectively. Mom's scent comforts baby beyond belief!
  • Yoga/Barre/Pilates Coverup - show-stopping leggings are our fave but a stylish cover up is sometimes necessary. It's a great cool down/meditation cover and neckhole doubles as an open back vent 
  • Hooded sweater - caught in the rain or cold? Simply put the shrug collar over your head and protect your blowout!
  • Maternity Cardigan - the open front means you can wear this cardigan through your blossoming months
  • Maternity Poncho - this flattering draping poncho looks great both before during and after pregnancy
  • Babywearing Cardigan - the neck hole in cardigan mode allows you to wear this over your carrier both in front and back modes
  • Infant Car Seat & Stroller Canopy - you can drape your cardigan over your car seat to envelope baby with your comforting smell, getting them to sleep faster
  • Blanket and Lovey - a Cardimom on hand can keep baby warm on the go
  • Grocery Shopping Cart or Highchair Seat Cover - baby's legs go through the neckhole when placed in the seat as a last minute cart cover
-- how-to videos & backstory here --

The Cardimom® will be your go-to for years to come! 

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